Your say: Tax rise is justified

Terence and Shirley Larkin
Terence and Shirley Larkin
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PENSIONERS Terence and Shirley Larkin, of Haydock, who are both aged 75, say they both think that a council tax increase is justified.

Mr Larkin said: “We think it’s needed because of the cuts the council has had to put up with from central Government. They haven’t got any choice but to increase it.

“We think some of the councillors could take a little bit of a cut in their allowances too though. Some of them are able to claim more money than others - it’s all about equality.”

Mrs Larkin added: “All in all, we think they’re doing a sound job though. And a 2.5 per cent rise in council tax is fair enough. Let’s hope they spend a bit more money on improving the town centre shopping area. It’s deserted at the moment.”