Young swimmer’s making waves

Three-year-old swimmer Sara Wilcock
Three-year-old swimmer Sara Wilcock
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A young St Helens swimmer has made waves after she impressed tutors with her outstanding efforts.

Three-year-old tot Sara Wilcock of Newton-le-Willows is top of her class at Selwyn Jones Leisure Centre since she started regular one-to-one swimming lessons.

The tot has been tutored by Go Active Swimming Instructor Sarah Hastings for more than a year on the Swimskool programme.

Here, with dedicated support from Sarah, she has progressed far beyond expectations for a child of her years.

Sarah explained: “I’ve been teaching swimming for 21 years and in all this time, I’ve never encountered such natural talent and determination in one as young as Sara. I love nothing more than helping children like

Sara to achieve their goals, gain confidence and to develop their ability.

“Building up relationships of trust with each individual is vital so that I can push them to do more than they ever believed they could.”

Sara, currently in the Dolphin 3 level of Swimskool lessons, swims an over arm recovery front crawl with a sideways breathing position and can take the stroke over 25m without a problem.

She is also capable of 25m backstroke with straight arms and legs, and is more than confident in deep water, where she can jump in, tread water, retrieve objects from the pool floor unaided at 1.25m and with some assistance at 2m.

Her ability to hold and rotate positions is also highly regarded.

Mum Cat Wilcock added: “I encouraged Sara to start swimming at an early age to get ahead of school classes.

“It means she’s able to do more when we go on holiday, keeps her fit and it could save her life she ever got into trouble in the water.

“Most importantly though, Sara loves swimming lessons with Sarah, who has been so great with her. I’m sure Sara will keep on swimming in the future and I’d recommend Swimskool to any parents or guardians whose children might want to try something new.”

Swimskool classes are taking place in leisure centres across the borough.

For more information visit, or call into Selwyn Jones Sports Centre, Parr Swimming and Fitness Centre, or Queens Park Health and Fitness, or contact 01744 677230.