Young kickboxer attacked by dog

Robert Vaughan with his sons Jonathon and Benjamin who were both involved in an incident with a loose dog.
Robert Vaughan with his sons Jonathon and Benjamin who were both involved in an incident with a loose dog.

THE father of a young kickboxing champion who was bitten by a dog has appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Rob Vaughan’s seven-year-old son, Jonathon, was attacked by a white Jack Russell-type dog when he innocently picked up a coin in Taylor Park last Monday afternoon (March 5).

And he has warned that the dog, referred to by the name “Lucy” by its dog walker, WILL attack another small child.

Mr Vaughan, 39, told the Reporter: “This was a completely unprovoked attack but the woman who was walking the dog didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned. At no point did she make any effort to control her dog.

“My son suffered a deep cut on the knuckle of one of his fingers and the dog also bit his leg several times before I had chance to intervene. If he had not stood up so quickly the dog could easily have gone for his face.

“The woman’s attitude was something else too. When I tried to kick the dog to keep it away from Jonathon she just said that the owner of the dog was a bodybuilder who would ‘leather’ me if I kicked her!”

The flashpoint occurred in broad daylight at about 3.30pm last Monday (March 5) at the bottom of the Taylor Park hill.

Mr Vaughan says that the dog left Jonathon, a junior British kickboxing champion, needing hospital treatment before turning and snarling at his four-year-old son, Benjamin, too.

He added: “Once I had calmed my children down and checked Jonathon’s injuries, I followed the woman out of the main Taylor Park entrance onto Prescot Road.

“I saw her crossing the junction near to the hotel on the corner but, with two very distressed children, I was unable to follow her further and she disappeared out of view.

“I have reported the matter to the police but I’m very concerned that this dog WILL attack another small child.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed: “We received a report about a seven-year-old boy being bitten by a Jack Russell and suffering an injury to his knuckle. He was taken to hospital for a tetanus injection.

“Extra patrols were deployed to the area and it’s possible that an offence was caused by the dog being dangerously out of control. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Anyone with any information about the incident can call in at Thatto Heath Police Station or call 101 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.