Woodward to vote against ‘bedroom tax’

St Helens MP Shaun Woodward
St Helens MP Shaun Woodward
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St Helens MP Shaun Woodward has pledged to vote today to bring an end to the Government’s “wretched” bedroom tax.

MPs will have their say on a Liberal Democrat motion to make more housing association tenants exempt from being charged for having a spare room.

“Tomorrow’s Bill is a last opportunity for the Government to listen and begin to bring an end to the wretched Bedroom Tax,” said Mr Woodward.

“I will be there to vote and hopefully the debate will - if the Government are prepared to listen - bring some common sense back into the Coalition’s politics.

“The legislation has failed on every count. It has failed to bring in revenue. Failed to ease the housing crisis facing so many people in St Helens.

We now know that every day it is causing untold misery, mayhem and trauma to thousands of families. Parliament was told the Bedroom Tax was done as part of the economics of austerity. Yet having failed on every test, with the mounting evidence of failure building every day, to continue the policy would be to practice the economics of blatant cruelty.”