Woodward: Don’t play politics with our police

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SHAUN Woodward MP has urged the coalition Government to “stop playing politics with the police” and warned that cutting police numbers would be a “green light” for criminals.

In the wake of last week’s riots, the MP for St Helens South and Whiston has called on Westminster to provide the right resources to keep the public safe.

Mr Woodward said: “Liberal and Tory politicians must think again and stop playing with resources for our Merseyside Police, before it’s too late.

“Last week should be a wake-up call for the coalition. The riots and criminal spree we saw is evidence of the need to keep police numbers up. It’s also a stark warning of the perilous consequences if the coalition stick to their plans and force Merseyside to cut police on our streets.”

He added: “Why can’t the coalition see common sense? If Government continues its crazy plans forcing Merseyside to cut police numbers, the public will be the victims, and the public will suffer.

“You can’t take £61m out of a £350m budget without severe consequences. The police may take the hit, but it will be the public who will feel the pain.

“It’s time to think again. Cameron and Clegg should now halt their police cuts. Stop playing politics with Merseyside police. The police can only protect the public if they have the numbers and the resources.”