Woman ‘pushed OAP down stairs after being called a pie-eater’

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A pensioner was pushed down a social club’s stairs by another woman, breaking her shoulder and wrist, a court heard.

The 76-year-old’s alleged attacker, Anne Jones, who had earlier been causing trouble in the premises along with a male friend, insulted the woman while they were both in the toilets at the same time, it was claimed.

And when pensioner Ruby Ganley tried to manoeuvre past her at the top of the narrow staircase she “said something to her and violently pushed her with both hands to the upper part of her chest.

This unfortunately caused her to fall backwards down that short flight of stairs.

She put her hand out to break her fall but landed badly with her full body weight on her outstretched hands and lay on the floor screaming out in pain and later rendered unconscious by the knock downstairs,” said Frances Hertzog, prosecuting.

She fractured her left wrist which pierced her skin causing bleeding and at hospital it was found she had broken both main bones in her wrist and her left shoulder was also fractured.

She had to undergo surgery to fix plates in her wrist. Jones, who fled the Peake Fitness Social Club in Leigh with the man, was arrested and interviewed the next day.

The 46-year-old claimed it was the other customers who had been causing trouble and “had been rude to her and calling out ‘pie eaters.’”

She alleged Mrs Ganley had been drinking whisky and was abusive to her and when they met in the toilet Mrs Ganley pulled her hair.

She claimed she had put out her hand pushing Mrs Ganley and telling her to return to her whisky which she did and continued to be abusive to her.

Jones further alleged that Mrs Ganley must have been drunk and injured herself falling.

Jones, of Castle Street, Tyldesley, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm. Miss Hertzog told a Liverpool Crown Court jury that Mrs Ganley and her husband Terence enjoyed going to the club on Sunday afternoons to watch TV football.

About 6.30pm on March 10 last year following a Manchester United v Spurs game Jones and her male companion began making a drunken nuisance of themselves and he started singing offensive songs referring to the Munich air disaster.

When asked to stop he called out “Manchester scum.”

Jones also started being offensive shouting “Leigh scum, you don’t know who I am. I’m from Wigan.”

While at the bar Jones began having a go at Mrs Ganley, who was next to her, and the owner suggested Mrs Ganley move further down the bar out of her way, said Miss Hertzog. They both ended up in the toilets at the same time and Jones abusively asked what she was looking at, shocking Mrs Ganley. Jones went back upstairs and it was as Mrs Ganley tried to get past her at the top of the stairs, that the alleged assault took place.