Woman, 97, shunned by surgery

Upset ... Margaret Husband
Upset ... Margaret Husband
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A FRAIL pensioner was told find another doctors’ surgery after she moved just minutes down the road.

Margaret Husband had been cared for by doctors at Park House surgery in Fingerpost since she was a tot.

But when the 97-year-old was moved to Thomas House care home on Prescot Road - just two miles from the surgery - GPs insisted she find a new doctor.

Mrs Husband’s granddaughter, Tracey Henry, said: “My nan suffered a fall last Monday morning and, when she became unwell, the manager of Thomas House called the surgery to ask if they could visit her. But they just said they couldn’t because the new home is out of their area. We were dumbstruck - it’s only five minutes away.

“My nan’s been a patient at Park House since she was a little girl and is more comfortable in their hands than with anyone else. She’s worried that if she has to go into hospital again she might not come back out.

“As a family, we’re all really upset about this.”

Ms Henry, 36, added: “We only put my nan into Thomas House a couple of weeks ago because she had been in hospital for five weeks and can’t walk for herself anymore.

“She hasn’t been herself since the fall. She was in shock and had to have butterfly stitches in her elbow, suffered bruising to her arms and face and her breathing was really rapid.

“It’s so sad to see her in this state and feel like she’s not getting the help she desperately needs. It feels as if people have given up on her.”

Park House surgery practice manager Georgina Marsh admitted that the incident was “unfortunate” but explained that strict GP boundaries had to be adhered to.

She said: “Our doctors have confirmed that a request was made for a visit to Thomas House but we had to inform them that this nursing home was outside of our area. It is standard practice for GP practices to take any patients that move into nursing homes in their area.

“That’s the same for every GP surgery. For us it involves taking patients that move into either Broad Oak Manor or Parr Nursing Homes.

“Mrs Husband had been in Thomas House for a few weeks but we weren’t informed of her change of address until she needed her GP. If we had been informed of her change of address in advance her family or the nursing home could have found her a new GP and this unfortunate scenario could have been avoided.”