Woman, 47, died after choking on evening meal

A WOMAN who suffered from multiple sclerosis died after choking on food, an inquest heard.

Sandra Rawcliffe, 47, was found slumped in her wheelchair by her son at about 11.30pm on July 8.

Despite his efforts to wake her, she was unresponsive.

An inquest held at Whiston Hospital last Tuesday (July 12) heard how Ms Rawcliffe, of The Crescent, Whiston, had been fine when her son left her at her home at 6.30pm that evening.

A Home Office post mortem subsequently found that she had died of asphyxia after “a substantial amount of food” was found in her oesophagus.

Doctors said that Ms Rawcliffe’s condition may have caused her difficulty in swallowing.

Coroner Christopher Sumner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

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