Who shades it in the saucy stakes?

New figures reveal how many copies of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy were taken out of libraries in St Helens
New figures reveal how many copies of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy were taken out of libraries in St Helens
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  • Saucy trilogy taken out more than 700 times
  • Rainhill tops the list loaning the books out over 100 times
  • Lady Chattersley’s Lover remains popular being taken out 113 times

Copies of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy have been flying off the shelves of St Helens’s libraries, new figures have revealed.

The bonk-busting novels have been rented almost 700 times with figures obtained by the St Helens Reporter providing a tantalising glimpse into how reading predilections vary across the borough.

And the steamy statistics show that the books and the recently released film have been a definite hit with Sintelliners given that the Cineworld has been packed out with regular showings.

The figures show copies of the trilogy have been taken out on 676 occasions.

By far the biggest borrower of EL James’ steamy, festish-fest fiction is folk in Rainhill.

Users of the ward’s library borrowed the books an eye-watering 128 times, far out-stripping second placed Newton, where readers got their hands on 93 copies of the 50 Shades triology.

It has definitely made people kinkier and to be much more open

Nicola Lawton of Nice and Naughty

Lagging behind those racy Rainhill and Newton types in the saucy stakes are Central library with 74 loans, Eccleston (63), Billinge (54), Chester Lane (36) and Rainford (35).

Parr, Garswood and Haydock only lent out the books 33 times, while straight-laced Moss Bank were whipped into last place, limping home with just 28 loans.

The figures were released to the Reporter by St Helens Council following a freedom of information request.

Last month the Reporter revealed the release of the film - starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson - appeared to have had made a certain impact in the town.

Sales at the town’s adult stores had seen a 100 per cent rise.

Nicola Lawton, a senior sales executive at a regional Nice n Naughty store, had said the sales explosion was almost certainly attributable to the 50 shades phenomenon.

She said: “It’s definitely made people kinkier, and happier to open up about it, particularly women.

“There have been more women, couples and groups of girls coming in than we have seen before.

“There are people coming in who wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before Fifty Shades of Grey-it’s made it much more mainstream.”

More than 100 million copies of author EL James’s controversial trilogy have been sold worldwide and the film smashed worldwide box office records in its first weekend.

The erotic romance novels tell the story of the relationship between college graduate Anastasia Steele and young business boss Christian Grey.

They have provoked controversy for their depiction of sado-masochism.

The books have also been criticised as poorly written.

Especially popular among women of a certain age, the books have been dubbed ‘mummy porn’,