Where the street has no shame...

Residents of Haydock's Slag Lane.
Residents of Haydock's Slag Lane.
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IT’S been voted one of the most unfortunate place names in the UK but you won’t find the residents of Slag Lane in Haydock complaining about it.

Named after the coal mining slag heaps which used to surround the area, it rarely fails to raise a chuckle with passing motorists.

But Ken Andrews, 60, who has lived on Slag Lane with his wife Ann for the last 26 years, told the Reporter he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

He said: “We all laugh at ourselves for living in Slag Lane – but what else can you do? Whenever we get telephone calls asking where we live people never believe us.

“Motorists often stop to have their photo taken next to the street sign and a couple of street signs have even been pinched over the years too.

“But we actually like the name. There’s no way we would want it to be changed. Slag Lane is a great place to live!”

Other unfortunate UK place names highlighted by a Find My Past survey include Scratchy Bottom, Brokenwind, Crapstone and Sandy Balls.

Mr Andrews’ neighbour George Highcock, 70, who has lived in Slag Lane with his wife Sheila since 1965, said: “Haydock is steeped in history and Slag Lane is right at the heart of it all. I’ve got a map showing what the area used to be like in the early 1890s – long before the East Lancs Road was built, which split Slag Lane in two.

“Slag Lane isn’t a road name you’ll ever forget, is it? We once had a lady strip off at the end of the road to have her photo taken next to the street sign!”

Fellow Slag Laner Fred Darlington, 68, added: “I have to explain where I live every time I make a phone call – otherwise they think I’m taking the mickey. I always say that the road is named after very poor quality coal and has nothing at all to do with naughty women!”