‘When I confronted her she started screaming’: Disabled driver tells of battles with abled-boded motorist

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A St Helens man who is registered disabled has told of his constant battles with abled-bodied drivers using disabled bays.

Kevin McMullen told the Reporter how he has confronted motorists on several occasions for wrongly using spaces reserved for blue badge holders.

Even if I was Usain Bolt that does not vindicate her decision to park there

Kevin McMullen

He said: “This is a far bigger concern than the ongoing, relentless campaign being waged in the Reporter’s comments section to seemingly ban dogs off the face of the earth.

“I am horrified at the flagrant indifference able bodied folk have who appear to believe they have a divine right to park in disabled spaces.

“A regular problem area is Thatto Heath Library where there is one disabled space but invariably taken by a car not displaying a blue badge.

“Another hotspot is B&Q, yesterday I challenged a woman who got out of a car with a child leaving ‘her fella’ as she called him, and another child in the vehicle.

“When I caught up with her in the store she initially denied being parked in a disabled bay.

“When I pointed out I had clearly seen her she started screaming and said ‘I did not look disabled’ and to ‘Speak to her fella’.

“I doubt her medical qualifications and can confirm I am registered disabled. That is irrelevant, of course.

“Even if I was Usain Bolt that does not vindicate her decision to park there. I am currently in Thatto heath Library and, as usual, the disabled space is occupied but no badge is evident.”

Mr McMullen believes more must be done to enforce parking restrictions.

“The other places seem to be the supermarkets, Tesco in particular. They don’t want to know and have no enforecement policy,” he said.

“Can nothing be done? Should we not seize the bull by the horns and get PCSOs empowered to check council property and issue penalty notices?

“How about using CCTV to identify the scoundrels and pursuing them by some means? Can our MPs not hold discussions with major retailers about how we deal with the scourge?

“Perhaps they could patrol their car parks occasionally and put even a note on offending cars?

“How about our MPs using Parliament to raise the issue and introduce legislation, a Private Members Bill or an amendment to a government Bill to make it a criminal offence.

“I suspect we need to get tough, if we started towing vehicles away or suspended people’s licences they might think again.

“More realistically, people will just shrug their shoulders, say it is not acceptable and carry on doing it.

“After all, how valued are disabled people, not much judging by how a minority of our fellow citizens hold us in contempt.

“If it was a dog occupying a parking space the paper would be full of complaints. How about St Helens Council doing something about this.”