We need your help to continue

A SCOUT group which had to be shut down because of a lack of volunteers needs your help to start up again.

The 5th Rainhill Scout Group has blossoming cub and beaver colonies but, sadly, when the youngsters reach the age of 10 they now have no scout group to feed into.

The St Helens Reporter launched a campaign in February to help save scout groups across the borough from the threat of closure.

Group chairman Matt Gilsenan told the Reporter how the scout group had to be shut down two years ago because of a desperate lack of adult volunteers.

He said: “There’s a waiting list for our beaver colony and we’ve got two cub packs which are totally full. But, in the end with the scouts, I was on my own with a group of 45 youngsters. For safety reasons we had to shut the group down. It was a sad day.

“We’re trying all the time to encourage ex scouts to give up a couple of hours of their week to help out. We desperately need more volunteers to restart the scout group.

“Scouting has been an important part of so many peoples lives and can be a pivotal part of growing up. I’ve been in scouts all my life and it’s taught me so much that I’ve felt compelled to feed my experience back into the movement.”

The 5th Rainhill Scout Group, which meets at its own hut on Deepdale Drive, Rainhill, every week has been a fixture in the area since 1965.

Adult volunteers are required for all groups, but any volunteers interested in helping start up the scout group would be particularly welcome.

If you’re interested in volunteering for a scout group in St Helens, call Chris Williams on 01744 750702 or go online at: www.sthelensscouts.org.uk