‘We’ll become a dumping ground for Merseyside’

John Beirne and residents of Merton Bank protest against the proposed waste plant in their area.
John Beirne and residents of Merton Bank protest against the proposed waste plant in their area.
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RESIDENTS are digging in for a protracted battle with developers who want to build waste plant in the heart of Fingerpost, (writes Chris Amery).

Investors Waste to Energy (NW) Ltd are currently in the process of buying sites on Merton Street and Lock Street in Fingerpost.

But ex-councillor John Beirne, who is leading the protest, claims that, if approved, the plant’s work would amount to “incineration”.

He said: “Energy from waste is incineration and we do not want an incinerator built in Fingerpost. Traffic, dust, noise and smells are all things local people will have to consider - not to mention the fact that it will be near a school.

“The people of Fingerpost have suffered enough. It should not be the dump for Merseyside. A petition has been handed out in the area and will be forwarded to the council’s planning department when the planning application has been submitted.

“We opposed a similar proposal at the old Ravenhead site recently and will do the same here.”

A public consultation event was held at Chain Lane Community Centre last month where Waste to Energy (NW) Ltd said they could not release the name of the major firm behind the plans until planning approval is obtained.

But they claimed the proposed multi-million pound plant, which would be regulated and inspected by the Environment Agency, would benefit local residents.

A spokesman for Waste to Energy (NW) Ltd said: “On March 23 we held a widely advertised public exhibition to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on the proposal to apply for planning consent to build an energy recovery plant.

“At the exhibition, a 52-page consultation document was issued to explain the impacts and benefits of the proposal to interested parties and provide answers to frequently asked questions. The company welcomes comments on the planning application.”