‘We already pay for this in taxes!’: Anger at council’s plan to charge for collecting green bins

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Residents in St Helens have reacted angrily to a council plan to introduce charges for green bin collections.

Council chiefs are considering a £35 annual collection fee which would affect around 68,000 households.

Many took to the Reporter’s Facebook page when the proposal became public last night to make their discontent known.

Lesley Hill criticised the plans, claiming that they would act as a disincentive for recycling.

“St Helens Council can jog on, they are doing their best to stop people recycling,” he posted. “Why recycle and get penalised for it? There will be more flytipping and rubbish just getting dumped everywhere causing rat infestation and more money spent on having to clean these areas up.”

Others users, such as Diane Holdsworth, feared that the plans would lead to an increase in flytipping in the town. She posted: “More fly tipping, well done.”

A number of residents also said that they believed council tax payments already covered the collection of bins. “We already pay for this through our council tax. I really can’t see how any additional charges can be justified,” claimed Nicola Duty.

Danielle Farrar pointed to the fact that other local councils have recently taken up a similar scheme. “Widnes have done it for years and Warrington have just started too,” she wrote.

The plans, which officials predict will save the council in the region of £510,000, are to be discussed at next Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.