Water way to clean the supply

IT stretches as far as the eye can see and has just been given the scrubbing of its life.

Reservoir 4 at United Utilities’ Prescot treatment works, which provides backup supplies during times of water shortage, has just been meticulously cleaned by diligent employees.

The massive concrete bowl, which is capable of holding enough water to fill 320 Olympic swimming pools, was drained, scrubbed clean of sediment which had built up over many years and then allowed to refill naturally.

Giant brushes were hooked up to tractors to help remove the sediment as part of the three-month clean-up project.

Liam Murphy, United Utilities’ local water treatment manager, said: “The reservoir is an important back-up resource for the region. Cleaning it was a laborious process - but it was worth it.

“Boosting the quality of the water contained in the reservoir means we need to use less energy and money treating the water, before it is piped to homes.

“All our reservoirs require some TLC from time to time, and this one was no exception. It’s now good for many years to come.”