Waste plant plans appeal rejected

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A CONTROVERSIAL plan to build a waste from energy plant will not go ahead after an appeal was rejected by the Planning Inspector.

The appeal was lodged by Waste to Energy NW Ltd after its proposal to change a warehouse on Lock Street, St Helens, into the waste plant, including a 39 metre chimney, was rejected by the council’s planning committee.

Many residents in the area were opposed to the plans because of concerns about health, safety and traffic and have been fighting for years to prevent the plant being built.

The inspector rejected the appeal because of the plants proposed vicinity to residents and he concluded that there was enough capacity in Merseyside and Halton area from existing waste from energy plants.

Cllr Linda Maloney said: “A lot of the residents were opposed to this application, on health and traffic grounds and they were very concerned about the size of the chimney.

“I am very pleased with the result and the way the way the residents organised themselves.”

Planning permission was granted for the change of use of the warehouse building together with the relocation of the existing waste recycling facility, run by CEW Recycling Group, from Merton Street to the former Ravenhead Glass warehouse on Lock Street.

Conor McGinn MP said: “This is a common sense decision by the planning inspector. The proposed location of the incinerator so close to people’s homes would have had a severe impact on hundreds of residents living between Hinckley Road, Chain Lane and Blackbrook Road.

“I congratulate the residents and their Labour councillors who successfully campaigned to oppose this development.”

Former councillor Eric Smith was heavily involved in the campaign to stop the plant being built.

He said: “There was a lot of opposition to the plant from residents nearby and from the town centre as well.

“They are very pleased that the inspector has rejected their appeal. This has been a long process.”

Both Waste to Energy NW Ltd and CEW were unavailable for comment.