Violet-Grace’s family helped by spirit medium

Violet-Grace Youens was killed in a hit-and-run
Violet-Grace Youens was killed in a hit-and-run
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A St Helens spirit medium has told how he helped the family of Violet-Grace Youens contact their daughter.

Four-year-old Violet died earlier this after she was knocked over by a hit-and-run driver as she crossed the road.

David Taynor, originally from St Helens, met up with the family of Violet and was moved by their courage and strength and found the family, especially Violet’s parents, simply inspirational.

He says he was able to connect with Violet and through many private consultations he gave them free of charge was able to give the evidence and communication that her parents needed to help them through their tragic loss.

He said: “Violet’s parents are so strong and determined to keep the memory of their daughter alive this inspired me to write and perform a special song at this time of Violet’s 5th birthday. The song is dedicated to Violet and her wonderful family.

“The song is entitled Fields of Violets.

“This song can be downloaded on all music websites.

“All the monies raised by the song, by request of her mum and dad, will go to the hospital where Violet was treated.

“I was quite happy to have been able to help Violet’s family and this was just another way that I too could contribute to keeping Violet’s memory alive.”