VIDEO: Five police officers take down reveller in St Helens town centre row

Police grapple with the reveller in St Helens town centre
Police grapple with the reveller in St Helens town centre

Shocking footage has emerged of police pinning a reveller to the ground during a late night arrest just 24 hours after the death of bouncer Danny Fox.

The video shows around five uniformed officers grappling with the man before he is later dragged into the back of a police van.

Popular bouncer Danny Fox

Popular bouncer Danny Fox

During the struggle, the man is heard screaming in agony and pleaded with officers to release him.

Other revellers are seen remonstrating with the arresting officers.

At one point, the man being arrested is heard screaming: “argh, get off, get off”.

The footage, which was posted on Facebook, was taken the night after Mr Fox’s death when police had a beefed up presence in the town centre.

A 20-year-old man from Stockbridge Village has been charged with Mr Fox’s murder.

Following the popular bouncer’s killing, police pledged to beef up their presence in the town centre.

It’s unclear precisely where in the town centre the arrest took place.

However, some have taken to social media to question the police’s tactics, while many supported the officers approach.

Dawn Lane, of St Helens, posted: “After what happened to Danny Fox they are just protecting the community and it’s nice to see.”

Rob Walker added: “In an ideal world it should only take one policeman to arrest someone but it’s not ideal and they’re only doing their job and protecting themselves and the public from drunken idiots.”

However, Faye Murray wrote: “In my eyes this should taken two police maybe three most not five!”