Vegan group holds outreach stall in St Helens town centre

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A group of campaigning vegans urged shoppers to enjoy a compassionate Christmas when they held an outreach stall in St Helens town centre.

Animal activists from the group St Helens Vegan Outreach asked shoppers to spare a thought for animals during the build-up to Christmas.

The group’s actions were part of national animal rights organisation, Animal Aid’s, Compassionate Christmas Outreach Day.

Members of the public were given leaflets and given the opportunity to sample vegan festive treats.

The event was part of an annual day of action that seeks to educate the public about how animals are exploited and harmed during the festive season, and how they can help stop it.

A St Helens Vegan Outreach spokesman said: “We had a fantastic day! We invited members of the public to sample some festive treats, whilst engaging them in meaningful conversation about animal exploitation and the importance of veganism.

“Despite the chilly wind and intermittent hailstones, we still met people who were curious and keen to learn more. Hopefully we managed to plant some seed of change in time for Christmas.”

Animal Aid’s campaign manager Tod Bradbury said: “Christmas should be a joyous time for everyone – animals included. However, this cannot be said for the animals suffering for food, clothing, entertainment and experimentation.

“It has never been easier to have a cruelty-free Christmas, with vegan food, clothing, cosmetics and animal friendly entertainment being widely available.

“We hope that the residents of St. Helens think about what compassionate choices they can make for animals this Christmas.”