Vandalism blamed for litter problem

Rubbish at Littlewood
Rubbish at Littlewood
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A dog walker has called on a green area of St Helens to be cleaned up.

Jonathan Sinnott has complained about piles of litter left at Littlewood, on Pennington Lane, where he walks his dog every day.

He claims the rubbish has been taken out of the bins but not removed from the area.

He also says the litter is not picked up before the grass is cut and it gets chopped up by the mower.

Mr Sinnott, who lives nearby, said: “This has been going on for 18 months but has increasingly got worse to the degree I am concerned of the neglect and health implications piling up.”

A spokesman for St Helens Council said the problem had been caused by vandalism.

He said: “The council is aware of this situation, which is the result of vandalism involving two separate litter bins.

“Metal liners from the bins were stolen and locks were smashed – resulting in litter being strewn across the area.

“Since then, the area has been made safe. The doors on the bins have been made secure with a lock and chain as a temporary measure, and a team – including an area supervisor - will be monitoring the site over the next few weeks.”