Union warns of dire funding cuts ahead for St Helens’ schools

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Teaching unions say St Helens’ schools will be among the worst funded in the country if controversial government plans get the go ahead.

The borough’s branch of the National Union of Teachers says the town is facing significant cuts.

Patrick White, St Helens NUT branch secretary, said: “Already headteachers are saying they can’t cope with the current levels of funding. This is a situation that will only get worse if the previous Government’s National Funding Formula is implemented.

“It is vital that all candidates standing in the General Election for St Helens promise to increase school funding.

“Failure to do so will see our schools continue to be desperately under resourced, teaching and support staff posts cut and drastic measures, such as closing schools earlier, may have to be considered.

“Parents and children locally deserve better and our politicians should be standing with us in demanding proper investment in our schools.”

A NUT spokesman said: “At the last General Election the Conservatives promised to protect the money, ’following your child into school’.

“This promise has been broken and we are now seeing the worst cuts to school budgets in a generation, with schools facing significant cuts by 2020. St Helens has always been underfunded but now faces larger than average cuts.

“Several teacher unions led by The NUT have produced a website,www.schoolcuts.org.uk where members of the public can log in and see how the cuts will affect not only St Helens as a whole but each individual school.

“Using the website voters can email each Parliamentary candidate asking them to oppose the cuts (by putting a postcode into the website candidates in that area will appear and you can send an e-mail to each one, asking them to oppose the real terms funding cuts for schools.”