Two ‘nuisance’ bikes seized

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A GANG of nuisance bikers in Sutton Heath have been halted thanks to a new police campaign.

Officers have joined forces with council workers to target anti-social off-road riders.

Residents complained to staff at Helena Homes about youths using bikes on footpaths in the area.

The information was passed on to local police who immediately isolated CCTV footage capturing the offenders.

They used the recording to track down the culprits and the bike was then confiscated by officers who also impounded a second, uninsured bike from an address in Sutton Heath.

Collette McIntyre, St Helens Council’s anti-social behaviour manager, said: “Riding any of these machines on public land, parks, pavements, waste ground or footpaths in St Helens is illegal.

“If you’re using a motor vehicle that’s causing - or is likely to cause - alarm, distress or annoyance to others, your vehicle will be seized.”