Twitter prank brands Saints ace ‘boring’

Saints ace Mark Flanagan insists he is not boring
Saints ace Mark Flanagan insists he is not boring
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He may be known as ‘Flash’ to Saints fans but rugby ace Mark Flanagan has revealed he has another, slightly less desirable nickname.

Because the former NRL man has become the butt of a Twitter prank branding him ‘Boring Mark Flanagan’!

Flanagan, who moonlights from Saints as a model, revealed he suspects several of his teammates - with Jon Wilkin and Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook the prime suspects - are responsible for the parody account, which has attracted hundreds of followers in just a few days.

The account - which goes under the handle Boring Mark Flanagan - reveals mind-numbingly mundane details in the life of a modern rugby league player.

On the account, the phoney Flanagan tweets about his love of crosswords and domestic chores such as ironing as well as his concerns about recycling.

It follows a recent trend of parody sport Twitter feeds, such as Boring James Milner and KP Genius, which mocked erstwhile England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, who famously fell out with teammates Stuart Broad and Matt Prior over the account.

Flash, however, is made of much sterner stuff and sees the funny side of the “boring” tag. But he has promised to extract a suitable revenge on the culprit.

It’s not the first time the genial Flanagan has been the victim of a Twitter prank, though.

Earlier this year, teammate Wilkin gained access to Flash’s account and fired out a series of embarrassing tweets.

Flanagan said: “I made the mistake of leaving my computer in Jon Wilkin’s car with my Twitter page already logged on. When I noticed my account was being used I kept trying to change my password but he was obviously still logged in.

“When I finally got my computer back there was a parody account set up and they’re all jumping on the bandwagon. I guess it’s one of the joys of playing a team sport!

“I don’t mind though - I give as good as I take.”

Flanagan, 26, who has been in top form this season since returning from a serious knee injury, is keeping an open mind about who is responsible, with friend and Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher also under suspicion.

“Maybe I’m being paranoid but I keep getting the feeling the other players have been talking about me when I walk into a room,” he said.

“For all I know there could be several culprits. Maybe the whole squad know the account password.”

But Flanagan insists he will have his own back on the culprit or culprits, warning: “Revenge will be sweet!”

Among the recent tweets from Boring Mark Flanagan are:

“The postman normally delivers the post at 09.40 and it’s now 09.52. I hope he’s okay.”

“Just went out for a walk bumped into my neighbour. We both said hi at the same time #weird”

“So excited and I couldn’t wait to tell you all this! I have 84 @Shell points. I feel on top of the world.”