Track rivalry is all in the family

Matt Bell (left) with brother Rob
Matt Bell (left) with brother Rob

A DRIVING champion from St Helens lost out to his younger brother in a high-octane endurance race at Silverstone at the weekend.

Two-time Le Mans series champ Rob Bell, of Windle, trailed in 35th alongside co-driver Mike Wainwright in the latest round of the Blancpain Endurance Series in his McLaren MP4-12C.

And the 33-year-old was forced to surrender his bragging rights because his little brother Matt, 22, finished 12 places ahead of him.

It was the first time Rob and Matt - who were previously teammates - had ever competed against each other on home soil.

Rob said: “I’m always happy to see Matt do well but I don’t think about it too much. My focus is on the other 52 cars and not just him.

“He’s just another good competitor to me, amongst a field of very good people, but it’s probably different for him as he’s trying hard to still make a name for himself.

“But we’re both there to win and Matt’s not just trying to beat me, but all the other professional drivers out there.”

He added: “All our family and a lot of friends came to see this race and it was a win-win situation for mum and dad.

“They didn’t give a monkey’s who was ahead and support both of us equally. I think mum was just happy that we both came back in one piece. If we had crashed they’d both have banged our heads together!”