Top council officer to leave after 32 years

Bob Hepworth
Bob Hepworth

Tributes have been paid to the town hall’s long-serving regeneration boss who is set to retire at the end of next month.

Bob Hepworth (pictured) has helped to transform the town from one reliant on the coal, gas and chemical industries to one with a more modern outlook.

He was awarded the MBE for his sterling work back in 2005.

Council leader Barrie Grunewald said: “Bob Hepworth will be leaving us on October 31. He’s been a big part of St Helens for the last 32 years - a remarkable achievement.

“He has led the economic regeneration of the borough and his commitment, enthusiasm and drive has helped to transform a town based on coal and gas to one with modern infrastructure.

“We owe him a great debt of gratitude for his work and wish him a long and happy retirement with his wife Pat.”

Ex-council leader Marie Rimmer added: “Bob Hepworth is a true professional who is totally committed to the borough and its people. He would go through concrete to achieve what needs to be done.

“Bob always tells you what you need to know - not just what you want to know - and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

“I know he wants to do lots of travelling in his retirement but this towm has benefitted an awful lot from his commitment.”

Coun Allan Jones also paid tribute.

He said: “Bob has put in sterling work. He has done a wonderful job for St Helens and the people of St Helens.

“St Helens is changing and the regeneration vision is now coming to fruition.”

We’ve got Bob to thank for that.”