‘This has been the hardest of weeks’ - Tributes to former St Helens mayor

Councillor Sheila Seddon
Councillor Sheila Seddon
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Tributes have been paid to the former mayor of St Helens at a specially convened meeting of St Helens Council.

Councillors gathered earlier today (Friday) to share memories of Sheila Seddon, who passed away last week aged 69.

She had suffered a brief illness before she died.

Leading the tributes, council leader Barrie Grunewald said: “We would all like to recognise and thank Sheila for all her hard work as a councillor.

“Our sincere condolences go to her family at this difficult and sad time.

“Sheila was a loyal and dedicated servant to the people of Thatto Heath. She was a colleague, a councillor and a valued friend.

Current mayor Steve Glover said: “Sheila’s priority was always her residents in Thatto Heath.

“Whatever she had to say, it was always from the heart. She was never one for reading from scripts - she just got up and said what she had to say.”

Fellow Thatto Heath Councillors Richard McCauley and Pat Ireland described Coun Seddon’s death as a tremendous loss.

Coun McCauley describing the last few days as: “The hardest week I’ve had. Sheila was a fantastic ward councillor and a pleasure to work alongside. I will miss her so much.”

Coun Ireland described Coun Seddon as both a “friend and colleague” adding: “She just loved Thatto Heath – and wanted to do her best for its people. We will never forget her.”

West Park councillor and St Helens South MP Marie Rimmer also had warm memories of Councillor Seddon

She said: “I’m so pleased to have served alongside Sheila on this council. She will be a hard act to follow.”

Tributes across the political spectrum were also made.

The leaders of both the Lib Dems and the Tories also paid their own tributes.

Lib Dem boss Teresa Sims describing Councillor Seddon as “someone you could always rely on”, while Conservative group leader Allan Jones, adding: “Sheila will be missed by this chamber and the people of Thatto Heath.”

During her time on the council, Coun Seddon served on several council committees, including the Audit and Financial Monitoring Overview and Scrutiny Panel; the Corporate Parenting Forum and the Overview and Scrutiny Commission.

She was also Chairman of the Environment, Regeneration, Housing, Culture and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Panel.