Thieves drive young family out of town

Dave Finney, of Pool End, Parr, with his nineteen month old daughter Paige
Dave Finney, of Pool End, Parr, with his nineteen month old daughter Paige

A YOUNG couple say they are being driven out of St Helens by thieves who ransacked their home.

Leanne Blackburn, 20, and David Finney, 18, say they can’t wait to move to Wales after heartless thieves stole thousands of pounds worth of items from their home - including clothes and toys bought for their 19-month-old daughter, Paige.

Incredibly, they say it’s the third time their home has been targeted by thieves too.

Police are investigating after games consoles, computer games, hair straighteners and baby clothes and toys were all stolen from Leanne’s home on Ashurst Drive, Blackbrook, while she was away for a couple of days last week.

The thieves even detached the gas boiler, leaving the upstairs of the property flooded.

Leanne said: “I’ve had all sorts of problems since I moved in there - it’s just been one thing after another.

“I’ve had my windows put through, my back door kicked in and I’ve been robbed twice. But this is the final straw.

“I’d been away for a couple of days because I didn’t feel safe at home and when I got back everything had gone. Even my daughter’s baby clothes had been taken. How heartless is that?

“I’m pregnant with my second child at the moment too, so all my daughter’s old clothes and toys were going to be passed down to the new baby.

“We’ve got our suspicions about who has done this and have reported it to the police. But this is driving me out of town.

“I just don’t feel safe here anymore.”

Leanne’s partner, David Finney, added: “My X Box was stolen along with about 30 games and our Wii games console has gone missing too.

“We can’t wait to move to Wales now. Leanne has been suffering from panic attacks because of the stress, which is obviously not good when she’s pregnant.

“Every little noise makes her nervous.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed that officers were investigating the theft.

Anyone with any information can call Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.