Thief’s bizarre attempt to steal 40p bar of Snickers

A Snickers bar was stolen in a bizarre theft
A Snickers bar was stolen in a bizarre theft
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A HOMELESS woman appeared in court after stealing a chocolate bar from a St Helens shop in “bizarre” circumstances.

Lisa Chadwick strolled into the Thrifty’s store on Junction Lane, Sutton, last Tuesday (September 4) before starting to laugh and asking other customers how old they were.

St Helens Magistrates’ Court heard that the 41-year-old then paid for a drink and a chocolate bar before laughing again and tossing items from the shop around.

Angela Blackmore, prosecuting, said Chadwick then picked up a 40p Snickers bar from one of the shelves, opened the wrapping and ate it on the spot.

When the shop assistant told her she would have to pay for the item, she just started laughing again before leaving the store.

Then, when police tracked her down nearby a short time later, she simply told them “I paid for some of it”.

In interview, Chadwick continued to make a series of bizarre and irrelevant remarks before accepting that she knew she had done wrong.

Frank Roe, defending, admitted that the word “bizarre” summed up the entire episode.

But he told how his client had not troubled the courts for 15 years until last month and deserved credit for her early guilty plea.

Magistrates told Chadwick, of no fixed abode, that they would have ordered her to pay a £50 fine, but accepted the night she spent in the cells as payment of it.

Magistrates sitting at St Helens declined to make a compensation order as the value of the chocolate bar was so low.