The spirit of the law

Supt Rowley Moore and neighbourhood police officer Jonathon Kent
Supt Rowley Moore and neighbourhood police officer Jonathon Kent

POLICE in St Helens have signed up for a new multi-faith chaplaincy service.

Neighbourhood PC Jonathon Kent, pictured here with Supt Rowley Moore, has been named as St Helens’ first police chaplain.

For the first time in its history, Merseyside Police has launched a chaplaincy service - accessible to all officers and staff.

Individual chaplains will represent the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths.

Christian chaplains are set to work in each of the force’s six policing areas, with additional support from the other faith chaplains.

All are volunteers and two are serving officers, who are happy to give their free time to help officers and staff.

The service is aimed at offering confidential support to officers and staff when needed - including the effects of personal or work-related trauma.

Chief constable Jon Murphy said: “Our new chaplains are invaluable in helping us to engage in a more meaningful way with the diverse groups within Merseyside Police. This could include issues arising when carrying out their day to day responsibilities, and not just in response to critical and major incidents.”

The head of the new Chaplaincy Service, Reverend Keith Hitchman, said: “I am delighted to be heading up this new service. There is much in the faith traditions that can be of help to those of all beliefs or of none, and we are available to all officers and staff.

“My fellow chaplains and I are looking forward to offering both spiritual and pastoral support to those who need it, impartially and regardless of individual belief systems.”