The oldest hobo? Cat aged 20 living as stray

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Animal welfare officers in St Helens are attempting to trace the owners of a 20-year-old stray cat who was found wandering the streets.

A member of the public found the animal near a house in Prescot and called the RSPCA.

After checking the cat’s mircochip, officers found the it had previously lived in St Helens and is at least 20 years old, a ripe old age for a cat.

RSPCA animal collection officer Derek Hampson said: “We know from the microchip details the cat was from Cats Protection back in 1994 so he is at least 20 years old.

“Unfortunately he is a bit poorly at the moment so he is being treated in one of our clinics but his issues all relate to old age.

“He is such an old chap we would love to be able to reunite him with his owner and to get him home where he belongs.

“We would urge anyone who recognises him or who knows where he may be from to contact us as soon as possible.”

Anyone with information about the cat should contact the RSPCA on the Inspector line 0300 123 8018.

Meanwhile, dog wardens in St Helens rescued a male dog which was found running loose along Old Garswood Road in Garswood.

A spokesman said” “It was seen wandering off into the farmers fields. When picked up, although wary, it is obviously used to vehicles as it promptly jumped into the back of the warden’s van without any fuss.

Any person who may have witnessed a white coloured dog being left by the roadside should contact the Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service on 01744 676338.