The day Kylie partied in Haydock

Kylie Minogue belts out another classic at Haydock Park Racecourse
Kylie Minogue belts out another classic at Haydock Park Racecourse
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Kylie Minogue wowed a sell-out 20,000 crowd to launch another spectacular summer of racing and A-lister music at Haydock Park.

The pop princess made her indelible mark on the venue on Saturday as part of the Jockey Club Live’s An Evening At The Races: Haydock Nights season.

Kylie wows the crowds at Haydock Park Racecourse

Kylie wows the crowds at Haydock Park Racecourse

Leading out with Better the Devil You Know, she took fans right back, with her early tunes Step Back in Time and Locomotion, going through the years, with favourites such as Wow, In Your Eyes and Your Disco Needs You.

You can’t mention a Kylie concert without referencing the outfits and sets almost as much as the music. The first half had a distinctively sultry air to it, as she dressed in a red leopard-print leotard, followed by a glittering red mini-dress and black tie, matching the red lips on stage to represent her recent Kiss Me Once Tour.

This proved the ideal backdrop for Slow and Can’t Get You Out of My Head.

Then it was all change, as Kylie sported a gold shiny jumpsuit, representing her fun self. Her dancers also wore much brighter costumes for a lively rendition of Celebrate and Get Outta My Way.

Knowing how to work up a crowd, she asked her fans to la-la a capella with her during the catchy Can’t Get You Out of My Head, followed by a huge Mexican wave.

She also took requests as the crowd sang Got to Be Certain and I Should Be So Lucky with her. This was Kylie at her best.

Later on she told an anecdote about a lifelong fan who was working backstage, called Eddie. She recalled how he had a tear in his eye as he finally met her and she sang a beautiful version of Tears on My Pillow for him.

And noticing a few young faces in the crowd, including a baby, she joked: “A few little ones here, I would like to welcome them – they are smaller than me – they must be under 10.”

Being Australian, she is used to sunnier climes, and so she was amazed at the orange sunset glow ahead of her and asked the audience to turn and marvel at it with her, adding that it was a huge surprise, as during soundchecks it was raining.

Throughout the night, race-goers were dancing away, but Spinning Around and Kids proved to be the biggest crowd movers.

As well as her own hits, she took time out to perform one of her favourite songs when she was growing up, Bette Davis Eyes, by Kim Carnes.

As she bowed out to All The Lovers, people were screaming for more and hanging around, hoping to catch one last glimpse of the petite singer. She didn’t disappoint, with another costume change, singing one of her most recent hits, Into The Blue.