Tell police what to do with crime

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RESIDENTS in St Helens are being asked to help shape the town’s crime-fighting policies.

St Helens Council and Merseyside Police want to hear townsfolks view for their annual community safety survey.

It’s being billed as an opportunity for residents to tell the authorities about crime and anti-social behaviour in the areas where they live.

Numerous types of crime and anti social behaviour are listed in the survey form, with residents encouraged to say how much of a problem the activities are where they live.

Councillor Richard McCauley, cabinet member for Environmental Protection and Safer Communities, said: “The views of our residents are vital if we’re going to tackle these issues because the data we get back is used to shape the policies and determine the action taken to fight crime.

“We want to make St Helens a safe place to live, work and study – but we need everyone’s help to make that happen.”

Police and council officials use the survey results to build a comprehensive picture of how crime is affecting the borough. And they then use the final picture to formulate an approriate force response from police.

Crime is the borough remains at historically low levels despite the economic downturn.

A copy of the survey form can be found in the most recent edition of the council’s St Helens First magazine – and returned to a Freepost address - while an online version can be completed up until September 2012.

To complete the online version (and you don’t have to register if you don’t want to) go to