Teenager’s assault claims investigated

Jordane Walker
Jordane Walker

AN investigation has been launched into claims a teenage girl was punched and pepper-sprayed by a police officer.

Jordane Walker, 15, was hospitalised in May this year with a severely swollen black eye and blistering to her face following her arrest on allegations of assaulting a police officer during a fracas in Sherdley Park.

The Sutton Academy pupil has since been cleared of the charge and Jordane’s mum, Dawn, is now pursuing an official complaint against Merseyside Police.

She said: “A policewoman approached Jordane in Sherdley Park at about 9.40pm on May 25 saying my daughter was really drunk and offered to take her home.

“Jordane, who was staying at a friend’s house that night, told the officer she was fine. But the policewoman then grabbed hold of Jordane and pulled her back by her arm.”

Mrs Walker, of Chancery Lane, Parr, has told police that, following the altercation, her daughter was assaulted by an officer.

She says Jordane was then placed under arrest and taken to the police station before being taken to Whiston Hospital shortly before midnight - where she was kept in overnight.

It is alleged Jordane, who was cleared of two counts of assaulting a police officer before St Helens Youth Court on Wednesday November 7, suffered 11 separate injuries.

Mrs Walker is now pursuing a formal complaint via the force’s area complaints team.

She added: “Jordane admitted to me that she’d had a couple of drinks that night. But she was certainly not drunk - she knew everything that was going on.

“She’s been a different girl since this happened. She doesn’t even go out of the house anymore, unless she’s visiting her sister.

“I’d be the first to admit that Jordane is no angel. We’ve had a few problems with her over the years. But she didn’t deserve this.

“The police should be there to protect children from harm - not to inflict it.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed that a complaint had been made against “a number of officers”.

She said: “The initial complaint was made in May 2012, however, due to on-going court proceedings, it could not be investigated until the end of the court case.

“This incident is now being investigated by a senior officer from St Helens. At this time it would be inappropriate to comment further.”