Teenage girl found drunk and lying in the mud in Victoria Park

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Police have made a plea to parents after they found a drunk teenage girl lying face down in the mud at Victoria Park.

Officers were called to the park last Friday night.

A force spokesman said the youngster was too inebriated to stand up.

“Two 16 and one 15 year old taken home from Victoria Park, one of which was so drunk she couldn’t stand up and was carried to the police vehicle by officers after being located lying in the mud in the park,” he added.

“Our officers attended the incident at 8.10pm after a call from a concerned member of the public.

“We left the final property after returning the youths to home addresses at 10pm, going on to then complete the relevant referral forms to social services etc.

“That’s a number of staff unavailable for one hour and 50 minutes, not including paper work dealing with dangerously drunken vulnerable youths.

“Know where your children are please!”