Teen trapped after police chase in Billinge

Police appeal
Police appeal

A car crashed and ended up on its roof after being involved in a police chase.

Firefighters were called to Upholland Road in Billinge at 3.30am on Sunday following the crash to free a teenager, aged around 17, who was trapped in the back of the car.

They freed the man from the car before leaving him and another passenger, who had freed himself from the vehicle, with paramedics. The driver of the car fled the scene.

A fire service spokesman said: “The car had been involved in a police chase and ended up on its roof. The passenger in the back hadn’t been wearing a seat belt so he had been thrown about a bit.

“It took about 20 minutes for us to get him out and we had to cut the back seat out before we managed to get him out the back door.

“He was about 17 years old.

“The driver had done a runner and the other passenger seemed ok.” Emergency service said parts of the local road network affected by the crash were closed for several hours.