Teen’s bottle attack on stranger

Alexander Beech
Alexander Beech

A VIOLENT teenager who stabbed a complete stranger in the neck with a broken bottle has been jailed indefinitely.

The unprovoked attack on Sean Grimshaw happened in broad daylight just eight days after Alexander Beech had been freed on licence from a three year sentence for repeatedly hitting another youth over the head with a bottle.

Eighteen-year-old Beech (pictured), who began using cannabis aged just 11 and has carried out a string of violent offences beginning when he was 13, was today put back behind bars for an indeterminate time for public protection.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that after the attack Beech was found on a bridge threatening to throw himself off but was talked down by police.

Sentencing him to detention Judge Graham Morrow, QC, said: “This was a shocking and terrifying offence of a random nature on a complete stranger who had done nothing to harm you.

“That death could so easily have been caused by your actions hardly needs saying. It was good fortune in the extreme that you did not face a more serious charge. He is lucky to be alive and I have no doubt that will always haunt him.”

He ordered that Beech, of Johns Road, Haydock, St Helens, who pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, serve a minimum of four years. But he warned him that he poses a continuing significant risk of serious harm to others and will not be released until that risk,” if ever”, reduces to a safe level.

The court heard that Beech was drunk having consumed almost a bottle of Sambucca and had stormed off after a row with his girlfriend and after finding a bottle smashed it and carried it along until he spotted a victim.

Damian Webb, prosecuting, said that the incident happened at 4.20 pm on April 23 last year as 41-year-old Mr Grimshaw was walking home from shops in Arrowsmith Road, Haydock, with his dog after visiting nearby shops,

“He saw the defendant staring at him and the defendant then ‘punched’ him to the left side of his neck. Mr Grimshaw said, ‘what was that for?’ and the defendant walked off calmly as if nothing had happened.”

Mr Grimshaw then felt blood on his neck and saw it on his t-shirt.

He went home and the emergency services were called by his partner. Police found Beech on Penny Lane bridge threatening to jump but after two hours police negotiators talked him down.

Meanwhile the victim was found to have a deep wound to his neck and had to undergo surgery at Whiston Hospital to remove a piece of glass which had just missed his jugular vein. Two muscles had been cut but fortunately there was no nerve damage.