Teen hands himself in after firework incident

Andy Reid
Andy Reid
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A TEEN who threw a firework at St Helens war veteran Andy Reid has handed himself in.

A police force spokesman confirmed he has been dealt with by a “community based punishment”.

The firework was thrown at Andy as he locked up Reds cafe in Rainford.

His wife Claire posted on Twitter saying that a group of lads on bikes had thrown a firework at Andy outside Reds cafe, which she owns.

Andy posted on twitter that he was unharmed but shaken up by the incident.

He said: “Anyone in Rainford tonight around 7.15pm and see a group of lads on bikes. They have thrown a firework at me outside Reds cafe. The police have been informed and I’m leaving it in their hands.”

Andy suffered his injuries in an IED blast in 2009.

St Helens Neighbourhood Superintendent Louise Harrison said: “Every year we see the lasting damage that the criminal misuse of fireworks cause and the significant impact of these injuries and so we take such offences very seriously.

“We deploy a range of tactic from prevention and education to Trojan style buses in a bid to prevent and deter such senseless behaviour.

“We would appeal to parents to ensure that your children are not participating in such a dangerous activity.

“Our message during the Hallowe’en and Bonfire night period is simple – enjoy yourselves but please do so responsibly. There are lots of organised events across the region for people to attend, including bonfire displays, and I would encourage you to take advantage of these great opportunities.”

Anyone wishing to report anti-social behaviour involving fireworks are encouraged to speak with officers in the area, or call 101. Anyone with information who does not wish to speak with us directly can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.