Teaching staff celebrate poetry day

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Staff and pupils at St Helens Council’s tuition service celebrated National Poetry Day by encouraging students to try their hand at composing verses.

Based at the Beacon Building, staff decided that as part of the drive to include English in all subjects, everyone should get involved.

Using the forum of a haiku, a short style of poem, all pupils and staff produced a poem that portrayed a message. Many students chose to write a message to themselves about their journey through anxiety and/or personal loss.

However others chose to write messages of resilience to all young people who may struggle to cope in a crisis.

All the messages have been added to a poet tree that has been placed in the main reception of the Tuition Services for all pupils and visitors to read.

Denise Clayton, head of alternative provision at St Helens Council, said, “English is a fundamental part of every subject and it’s vital that as a service we promote learning at every opportunity across all of our units.

“This is just another example of the amazing work that goes on in Tuition Services, who are once again celebrating another year of exceptional GCSE results, thanks to the dedication of the inspirational staff there.”