Teacher’s revisits round the world trip

Author and retired teacher John Meadows
Author and retired teacher John Meadows
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A retired teacher turned published author from St Helens has produced his second book.

John Meadows, who grew up in Frodsham Drive, Blackbrook, and went on to teach at Cowley High in the 1960s, published his first collection of stories, You Did Say Have Another Sausage?, last year.

His second is called Ten Camels For My Wife and, like John’s first, is a collection of amusing but true stories from a round the world trip he took in the 1970s.

John said: “My book will take you on a fun-packed tour, with some interesting people, intriguing back stories, and amazing facts, underscored by art, architecture, history and many different cultures.

“The journey began on the Magic Bus to Kathmandu, travelling through some amazing countries and seeing some fabulous sights. Many of these places are no longer safely accessible, such as Aleppo, Homs and Damascus in Syria, but in the 70s they were peaceful friendly cities.

“There are stories of some bizarre experiences in the Far East, and a chapter on my time living and teaching in Australia. This was followed by visits to New Zealand, Tahiti, Easter Island and through South America.

“My first book, You Did Say Have Another Sausage? is selling well, in Britain, Europe, Australia and particularly in America (which is probably due to the chapter on my Greyhound Bus road trip and teaching at a Summer Camp).”

Both of John’s books are now available in paperback or eBook format from Amazon.