Talented student footballer is on her way to Kansas

Winstanley College student Abigail Conway
Winstanley College student Abigail Conway
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It is the home of wheat, sunflowers, soybeans, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and from September, Ashton teenager Abigail Conway.

Because the 18-year-old is heading to Kansas after winning a scholarship to study at a stateside university.

The Winstanley College student, a talented footballer, will be studying on a course for budding sports stars of the future.

The teenager, who has played for Wigan Athletics Ladies for the past six years, applied for several US colleges.

And her potential clearly shone through, as she received offers from Iowa, North Caroline and New York.

The former Deanery High pupil from Ashton is currently studying psychology, human biology and physical education.

Abigail said: “I chose Cloud County as it was different to the courses offered at other universities.

Instead of doing the standard four year course, I am able to study an associate degree which will allow me to be scouted by some of the top universities in the US for the other two years.

“After I spoke to the coach I knew this university was the one for me. I am also going to be captain of the team as of next year so that was an opportunity I could not pass up!”

Abigail hopes by completing the Future Elite course she will be able to turn professional. However, she is also considering a career as a cardiac physiologist if her dreams of becoming a professional footballer do not came to fruition.

She added: “I hope that one day I can become a professional footballer, but I also have plans if that does not happen.

“Even though it may seem like hard work and you may be really scared and nervous about being 5,000 miles away from home, don’t ever let that stop you from pursuing your dreams.”

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