Taking the motocross menace off the road

An off-road scrambler bike being riden anti-socially
An off-road scrambler bike being riden anti-socially

POLICE have seized two off-road motorbikes from irresponsible riders using them on wasteland in Earlestown.

Officers received a string of complaints about bikers riding recklessly in the Valentine Road area.

Insp Steve Lowe said: “These off road scramblers are not only a noise nuisance but are a danger to the community, especially those using our parks and open spaces.

“They are driven by irresponsible people, who have little regard for their own safety let alone the safety of others.

“We will not tolerate their use and will prosecute irresponsible owners, seize their bikes and have them crushed.

“Responsible scrambler riders should use their vehicle in a controlled space with permission of a land owner or on a specially designed trail, and wear safety equipment.

“We urge all residents to contact us on 101, to tell us where these bikes are being kept and who is using them in a dangerous manner - and we will do the rest.”

Police and officials at St Helens Council have been working in partnership to crackdown on the off-road bikers.

Councillor Sue Murphy, Cabinet Member for Family Intervention and Safer Communities, said: “Anyone found riding anti-socially where appropriate will have their vehicle seized by the Police and will be prosecuted.

“There have been a number of local operations targeting the crime, which can cause distress, and be a dangerous menace to local communities.

“We encourage all residents to report the crime to Merseyside Police when, they see such vehicles out and about causing a nuisance in their area.”