Suspicious man approaches young girls

Chain Lane, in St Helens. Picture taken from Google maps
Chain Lane, in St Helens. Picture taken from Google maps
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PARENTS are being warned to be extra vigilant, after two young girls were approached by a man in a car in St Helens.

Merseyside Police has issued a warning after a man in a silver car pulled up beside the girls in the Chain Lane area of St Helens on Monday.

The two girls were unnerved by the driver’s behaviour and went home to tell their parents who in turn called the police.

Patrols searched the area but the silver car could not be found.

A force spokesman said: “We take reports of suspicious incidents of this nature seriously and information has been passed on to all local patrols and neighbourhood officers in case the car is seen again.

“We believe the driver pulled alongside the younger of the two girls and said something to her and because she didn’t know him, she ran to her cousin and they ran off home together.

“This was exactly the right thing to do. Neighbourhood officers regularly visit schools to work alongside teachers in giving children appropriate stranger danger advice and it is encouraging to see that the message clearly sticks even during the school holidays.”