Student Carl, 21, to 
represent Prescot

Prescot West councillor Carl Cashman
Prescot West councillor Carl Cashman

LOOK away now if you reckon politicians are getting younger every year - because a 21-year-old student has just been elected to represent Prescot.

Liberal Democrat Carl Cashman has been elected in recent town council elections to represent the residents of the Prescot North West ward.

Despite his tender age, the victory is the fulfilment of a long held ambition to serve in the corridors of power.

“It’s taken a little while to sink in, but it was a great victory for the Liberal Democrats - it’s certainly put us firmly back on the map in Prescot.” said Coun Cashman, who divides his time between local politics, studying and flipping burgers part-time at a local McDonalds.

Coun Cashman’s voyage into local politics began as a schoolboy at Higherside Primary and Whiston Willis. He joined the Liberal Democrats shortly after turning 18 and has been a committed party activist ever since.

Explaining his decision to stand for office, he said: “I love the town and the people; they are great people, and I’m Lib Dem through and through.”

He now faces the tricky task of juggling student life with the demands of being a modern politician. He is, 
however, by his own admission, anything but a typical student.

A quick glance through his Twitter page reveals not one iota of student debauchery.

Instead it’s peppered with messages of congratulations from Lib Dem heavyweights and pictures of the young candidate out campaigning.

“Both politics and my studies are important to me but as I’m studying politics, I’m sure they will help one another,” he said.

“My family is delighted. My nan can’t stop calling me ‘Councillor Cashman’. I’m determined to do them and the people who voted for me proud.”

Coun Ian Smith, local Lib Dem group leader on the town council, added: “I think Carl is a star of the future and I don’t say that lightly.

“Some people are just born Liberal and he certainly seems to have that in him. He’s done all the training and is on the candidates list for the next parliamentary election.

“He’s extremely knowledgeable and wanted to stand for the right reasons, because he cares passionately about the local area.”