Street team fighting anti-social behaviour

Knowsley police's anti-social behaviour team
Knowsley police's anti-social behaviour team

Meet the police team charged with tackling anti-social behaviour on the streets of Prescot.

The group includes 45 special constables who have been embedded with local neighbourhood policing teams across the borough.

And the senior police chief charged with overseeing the project today said the operation had helped bring about a reduction in petty crimes.

Insp Tami Garvey-Jones also hailed the work of officers tasked with tackling the problem.

She said: “Merseyside Police is committed to working with partner agencies in tackling anti-social behaviour in all its forms.

“This type of crime can be hugely impactful on the local community and we are taking positive steps to deter people from committing offences and working to identify those who continue to offend and bring them to justice.

“A total of 45 special constables have been embedded with local neighbourhood policing teams across the Knowsley region. The special constables have bolstered patrols in communities and areas identified as anti-social behaviour hotspots.

“This has really improved how the policing teams work together and it provides a high visibility patrol as reassurance to our communities.

“We have found this operation has made a real difference to the level of anti-social behaviour in the area.

“For example, the number of anti-social behaviour incidents in Knowsley between April and June 2014 has reduced by almost 300 incidents when compared to the same period last year.

“The special constables have also made 21 arrests and stopped over 150 people in the Knowsley area since April in relation to anti-social behaviour offences.

“The operation was launched after listening to community concerns and I would like to reassure those who have been affected by this type of crime that we will 
continue to prioritise anti-social behaviour as a policing issue.

“The initiative has been well received and some really positive feedback has been sent by members of the local community which shows the work we are doing is having an effect.

“The operation started in April and will continue until later in the year.

“If anyone does have information about anti-social behaviour in their area, 
they are urged to contact their local neighbourhood policing team via the 101 number or they can contact the 
Knowsley Council on 0151 
443 2000.”