Store’s £150,000 make-over boost

A ST Helens convenience store is undergoing a £150,000 make-over.

The Co-op on Cambridge Road, Queens Park, will re-open its door on September 1.

The investment will bring a brand new layout to the store.

Alison Carter, manager of The Co-operative Food store on Cambridge Road, said: “We operate in the heart of the community and by doing so provide an ideal location for people to shop locally.

“It is important that we continue to meet people’s needs and provide a welcoming environment in which to shop.

“Upgrading the store has freshened up the shopping experience and improved the vitality of St Helens as a destination.

“I look forward to welcoming customers into the new-look store.”

Bosses hope the investment will bring a brand new layout to the store, ensuring a more pleasant shopping experience for people picking up their groceries locally.

Extensive ranges of fresh fruit and vegetables and higher welfare meat and fish will continue.