Sting in the tail this summer as number of wasps nests rises

A wasp nest
A wasp nest

BUZZED off St Helens residents have been stumbling across more wasp nests following the prolonged spell of warm weather.

New figures suggest there has been a 50 per cent rise in the number of wasp infestations across the region this summer compared to 2012.

And scores of harried homeowners have been forced to take action to deal with the pesky pests.

Wildlife expert Graham Workman said: “The weather has been perfect for wasps - not just warm, but humid too.

“If a wasps nest poses no threat to you or your family I would advise you to leave it alone.But if you have to get a nest removed I would definitely leave it to the experts.

“You could be severely stung - especially at this time of year when the wasps are most aggressive. Wasps can be quite dangerous.”

He added: “Of all God’s creations, I’m not quite sure how wasps benefit the world!”