St Helens volunteer Jean Cooney wins national recognition

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Jean Cooney, from St Helens, has received national recognition for her remarkable volunteering efforts on behalf of the one of the largest civilian occupational charity in the UK – The Charity for Civil Servants.

The awards were presented by Mark Addison, Vice-Chair of the Charity and were held at one of London’s prestigious livery halls; The Grocers’ Hall in the City of London.

Jean, who is from the Department for Work and Pensions, was awarded the Connie Henry Award for her exceptional commitment to the Charity over the past eight years.

The Charity for Civil Servants helps people who work or have worked in the Civil Service - and their families - by offering information, practical support and advice during their working lives and in retirement.

In 2016, people in need were helped over 14,000 times - with advice, financial assistance, or referral to other appropriate support.

The Charity relies on the support of current or former civil servants volunteering, fundraising or donating for it to carry out its work.

There are currently over 300 people – a mix of current and former civil servants across the UK - who volunteer or fundraise on behalf of the Charity.

Graham Hooper, Chief Executive of the Charity said: “Once again we’ve received some exceptional nominations for our Volunteer Awards this year. For the people we help, this charity can be a crucial lifeline. Without the efforts of our volunteers and fundraisers we wouldn’t be able to support our lifelong community in the ways we do. These awards are very well deserved.”