St Helens teacher wins top prize

Hope Academy
Hope Academy
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A St Helens teacher has received a prestigious prize for displaying outstanding leadership qualities.

Ian Latta, who works at Hope Academy, has been handed the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) leader award.

He was one of 130 teachers working at schools across the North of England who graduated from the ASCL’s Teaching Leaders Fellows programme.

This hands teachers in their early stages of leadership a chance to go through a rigorous assessment process before embarking on a challenging two year programme, which takes place outside school time.

Ian attributes his success to team development and setting a clear strategic vision with student achievement at the heart of everything. His relentless focus on developing a new team led to improved results, the ASCL said.

During the programme, Ian was promoted to the senior leadership team as an associate leader, one of a team highlighted in a recent Ofsted inspection for their ambition and drive. Ian’s work in religious education was also singled out for praise by the inspection team.

He was nominated to sit on the Executive Committee of the national body for teaching RE, NATRE, where he has played an active role in the discussions and work of this organisation, widening his impact to beyond his school

Ian said: “Teaching in inner-city schools has its own, unique rewards and that is often why we get into teaching in the first place but I feel incredibly privileged to have been nominated and to have received the ASCL Leadership Prize. It’s a real honour and it was very humbling when I took the phone call from Teaching Leaders informing me.

“The whole RE team at Hope Academy has worked incredibly hard to make a difference to every single student we teach and we are now beginning to see the impact of that commitment to become outstanding in everything we do.”