St Helens teacher who gave glowing reference to suspected thief is banned from classroom for life

Rainhill High School
Rainhill High School

A St Helens teacher has been banned from the classroom for life after providing glowing references for below-par colleagues.

Huw Jones, 56, taught for several years at Rainhill High and was in a senior position at the school.

However, his references for several colleagues raises suspicions about his honesty when he stated in a reference that one teacher not been subjected to any sanction despite knowing the staff member was being disciplined for theft and that a police investigation was underway.

Jones joined the school in 1996 and was eventually appointed head of humanities in 2008.

He also told a prospective employer one teacher enjoyed good relations with all pupils even though he knew the school’s senior management team had concerns about his behaviour towards pupils.

When the senior leaders at the school become aware of Jones’ behaviour, an immediate investigation was launched and he resigned later that same day.

He appeared before a disciplinary hearing of the National College for Teaching and Leadership where he admitted all the charges against him.

The panel banned him from teaching for life.

Its judgement said: “The panel considers that public confidence in the profession could be seriously weakened if conduct such as that found against Mr Jones were not treated with the utmost seriousness.

“The panel considers that the public and parents would view Mr Jones’ behaviour as potentially harmful to pupils and parents would view Mr Jones’ actions were potentially serious.

“The panel considers that evidence of a deep-seated attitude that leads to harmful behaviour exists as Mr Jones has failed to acknowledge that his actions were wrong and that he put pupils at risk.

“Given his lack of insight and understanding, the panel considers that Mr Jones poses an ongoing risk to pupils, schools and the public.”

It went on: “The panel considers that Mr Jones’ actions were deliberate and there is no evidence to suggest that Mr Jones was acting under duress.”