St Helens shopping centre launches anti-plastic campaign

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A wave of change will wash over St Helens as Church Square Shopping Centre asks visitors to help save our seas through a family friendly anti-plastic campaign.

Church Square shoppers will have a whale of a time as the shopping centre transforms itself into a hub of exciting activity.

Church Square will hold an awareness event to highlight the dangers of plastic in the oceans

Church Square will hold an awareness event to highlight the dangers of plastic in the oceans

On Saturday 25th May, a 60ft life-sized, inflatable whale will be placed in Church Square and the bravest of shoppers will be invited to climb inside its hollow stomach where they can indulge in an array of environmental tales told using brilliant turtle puppets and mystical oceanic props.

These scintillating stories will teach children about recycling and anti-plastic waste at intervals between 10am and 4pm.

Plus, families will also have the chance to take part in an eco-friendly workshop where they will be able to craft their very own sea turtles from recycled plastic bottles, all completely free.

And if that’s not enough, Church Square will be launching a green initiative to encourage visitors to recycle.

A number of recycling bins will be placed across the Centre, reminding shoppers of why they should cut down on plastic waste and save our beautiful oceans.

By recycling plastic goods at the Church Square’s collection points, shoppers will also be able to enter an exciting competition to win £200 worth of store vouchers by filling out an entry form and placing it in the bottle before recycling it at our eye catching plastic collection points.

Bespoke reusable tote bags will also be given out to visitors during the event to encourage St Helens shoppers to cut down on plastic waste and help save our seas!

Steve Brogan, Centre Manager at Church Square Shopping Centre, said: “Events like ‘A Wave of Change’ mean a lot to us as a centre as they allow us to not only host free, fun activity that for all the family, but also highlight an incredibly important social issue the world is facing today.

"We are hopeful that this event will show just how easy it is for us all to make small changes to our lives that can have a massive impact on our environment.”

The event will coincide with St Helens Council’s Year of the Environment initiative and is intended not only to entertain shoppers, but to educate them on the importance of recycling and the impact single use plastics have on the Earth’s environment and the oceans.

The campaign will demonstrate ways on how everyone can make small changes to help combat the worrying rise of the plastic ocean.